Alcohol tolerance: Why we feel ‘drunker’ than usual on some days

If so, drinkers could claim that they were not responsible for their actions. “I’ve had some panic attacks out here, but not the darkness,” he says. After his hospitalization, during which doctors told him he would be dead within a month if he did not stop drinking, McKagan knew he had no choice but to […]

Matthew Perry was candid about his addiction His words are now part of his legacy.

He has since worked to support others with substance abuse issues, including by turning his former Malibu beach home into a men’s sober living facility called Perry House. Perry’s book earned comparisons to searing, intimate addiction memoirs by writers like David Carr and addiction meditation Leslie Jamison. Yet celebrity addiction memoirs can be a double-edged […]

How Does Tapering Off Alcohol Work?

Without changing your drinking habits, try keeping a drinking diary for one week. And after cutting down slowly, you’ll find it much easier to stop drinking when you’re ready. Avoiding temptations is a crucial part of your journey to wean off alcohol. You need to be diligent and proactive in identifying and avoiding triggers. You […]